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Casper Housing Authority CARES was created to support the programs of the Housing Authority of the City of Casper, as a charitable organization, serving as a foundation to improve the lives and advance resident independence of moderate, low and very low income individuals and families through the provision and development of decent safe affordable housing and permanent supportive services. 

MISSION: To support the services and affordable housing of the Housing Authority of the City of Casper.

Casper Housing Authority CARES provides a variety of programs and services to the community.

  • ReFabb4Less - 3 years ago, Habitat for Humanity closed the local ReStore and authorized CARES to take over the concept. Recently, CARES opened the ReFabb4Less store to supply the community with new or gentle used building supplies at a discounted price. 

  • LifeSteps Kitchen - The LifeSteps Kitchen supports all CHA programs through their food program. The Kitchen uses only fresh fruits and veggies and makes from scratch meals. Additionally, the Kitchen is also responsible for cooking and hosting free community dinners. 

  • Supportive Services to the Casper Housing Authority - these services include support of the CHAT program, food pantries to CHA's housing complexes, annual toy distribution to clients, and other services as needed. 

  • Annual Father's Day Event - A community-wide event where service agencies are brought together for the community. The event is free to attend. CARES provides free food and entertainment during the event. While the children are entertained, adults can meet and receive information for other organizations in the community.  

  • Project Homeless Connect - A yearly event that coincides with the annual Point in Time Count. It is a resource fair for the homeless community. CARES invites the homeless community to a central location where they can connect with community agencies, receive vaccinations, hot meals, haircuts, and "shop" the donations area for needed items. 

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Programs and Services

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