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Single Room Occupancy (SRO), Mod Rehab, Shared Housing and Group Home - OPEN WAIT LIST


CHA works with a local landlord who manages 16 single room efficiencies in Casper.  To qualify for the MOD Rehab program the applicant's income must be $24,750 or less for 1 person.  MOD Rehab Vouchers are project based and are not subject to moves, other properties or eligible for Ports. 


CHA owns 2 Shared Housing Units and manages eighteen 202 Vouchers.  These vouchers are for elderly and/or disabled single persons.  Both Elk and Columbine are comfortable 5,000 square feet properties with shared living, dining, kitchen and multiple bathrooms.


The applicant's income must be below 50% of the median income for Casper, Wyoming.


Applications are taken over the website, by clicking the link below, or in person at the CHA office at 140 E. K Street in North Casper.


CHA manages the Life Steps Campus under the SRO Special Housing Type and the project is based on the Housing First Model.  See the  Section 8, Housing Choice Voucher Program qualifications for more information.  Please designate Life Steps Campus on your application.




Click the online application button to apply for

SRO, Mod Rehab, Shared Housing or Group Home

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