Section 8 - Housing Choice Voucher (HCV)


The Housing Choice Voucher Program, also known as Section 8,  allows the applicant to rent a unit in the Casper area from a landlord who is willing to work with the Section 8 housing choice voucher program.   Once the applicant has reached the top of the waiting list for this program, they attend a meeting, which will allow the participant to select a unit, of their choice, that will comply with the program requirements.


A "Lease Approval" form will be provided at the meeting for completion by the applicant and the prospective landlord. A due date will be given to the applicant for submission of the "Tenancy Approval" form to the Casper Housing Authority. The unit must then be inspected by a representative from the Casper Housing Authority to ensure the condition of the unit will pass the Federal Requirements for Housing Quality Standards. If the unit passes, a contract will be prepared for signing usually within a few days of the inspection.  If the unit DOES NOT PASS THE INSPECTION requirements, the landlord will be given a period of time to make the corrections to the unit so that it will pass an additional inspection. This would need to be done before a contract could be signed.


Households in this program pay 30% of their income towards their rent and/or utilities and voucher size is limited to two persons per living sleeping areas.


To qualify for the Housing Choice Voucher program, the applicant's income must be below 50% of the median income for Casper, Wyoming as follows:


$28,350 or less for 1 person                                                           $43,750 or less for 5 people

$32,400 or less for 2 people                                                           $47,000 or less for 6 people

$36,450 or less for 3 people                                                           $50,250 or less for 7 people

$40,500 or less for 4 people                                                           $53,500 or less for 8 people


Applications are taken over the website, by clicking the link below, or in person at the CHA office at 145 North Durbin in Downtown Casper.





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Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher