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Public Housing


The Casper Housing Authority owns 25 units in the Public Housing program and are considered

scattered sites.  They include townhomes located at Province Court in the City of Casper.  They

are 2 and 3 bedroom sizes and handicap accessibility accommodations are available.


The Casper Housing Authority would be your landlord under this program. Applicants are required to have three or more verifiable landlord or character references and typically pay 30 percent of their monthly income for rent and/or utilities.



The family's income MUST BE BELOW 80% of the median income for Casper, Wyoming or as follows:


$45,500 or less for 1 person                                                                   $70,000 or less for 5 people

$51,850 or less for 2 people                                                                   $75,200 or less for 6 people

$58,350 or less for 3 people                                                                   $80,400 or less for 7 people

$64,800 or less for 4 people                                                                   $85,550 or less for 8 people


Please note that the eligibility requirements and application procedures for Public Housing are different than those of other programs. 


Applications are taken over the website, by clicking the link below, or in person at the CHA office at 140 E. K Street in North Casper.



Click the online application button to apply for

Public Housing


Please use this link to put in a maintenance request for your unit.

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