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Once a family has signed a contract, and moved into an assisted housing unit they are obligated to follow the rules and regulations set forth in the contracts. Contracts are written for a twelve-month period. A reexamination process is initiated 90 days before the twelve-month contract is to expire. If the participant wishes to remain on the assisted housing program the re-certification paperwork and inpection of the unit is required. There are specific deadline dates for the completion of this process.


When participants have changes in income or household composition, they are required to report these changes to the Casper Housing Authority office IN PERSON WITHIN 10 DAYS OF THEIR KNOWLEDGE OF THE CHANGE. This is extremely important to the participant to guarantee that their share of the rent is calculated accurately for their income and household size.


If a participant's family size changes, they will be required to move to a smaller or larger unit within a specified period of time so that the family size is properly housed with the bedroom size applicable to that family.


Participants are responsible for payment of Security Deposits, their fair share of the rent, payment of utilities not included in the rent and maintaining the unit in a safe, decent and sanitary condition. Any repairs above normal wear and tear are the financial responsibility of the participant.


Utility Allowances

Utility allowances are based on the location of the unit which is being rented.



The Casper Housing Authority (CHA) is committed to combating fraud, waste and program abuse and encourages all staff, program participants and the public to report such activities.


We take seriously all credible allegations regarding:


  • Housing Fraud:  Violations to the lease, family obiligations, regulations, or other program requirements

  • Customer Service:  Complaint where the assistance provided by CHA staff was not resolved to the client's satisfaction and additional information or follow up is required by the client.

  • Harassment/Stalking:  Harassment by other tenants, neighbors or any type of stalking or harassment behavior towards or from CHA participants.

  • Criminal Activity:  Complaint where the law is violated, such as criminal and drug activity.

  • Violence Against Women Act, VAWA:  Domestic Violence, harassment, stalking and/or child abuse will not be tolerated.


Contact the CHA at 307.266.1388 for assistance in reporting.



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