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Vision:   Create dynamic communities where people thrive.


Mission:   The Casper Housing Authority provides quality affordable housing that is well integrated into the fabric of neighborhood’s and serves as a foundation to improve lives and advance resident independence.


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The agency known today as the Housing Authority – City of Casper (dba Casper Housing Authority) was established in July of 1971 through a resolution passed by the City Council of the City of Casper relative to the Public Housing Act, Chapter 205 of the 1971 Wyoming Session Laws. The purpose was to establish an agency to address the shortage of safe, sanitary, and affordable housing for persons of low income. Another resolution was passed in 1973 authorizing Casper Housing Authority the right and power to hold title to real property with the consent of City Council.



CHA is governed by a 5 member Board of Commissioners, appointed by the  City Council of the City of Casper.

John Lichty – Chairman

Scott Wonser – Vice Chairman

John Haass - Commissioner

Kenneth Bates – Commissioner

Rhonda Zimmerman – Commissioner

Kim Summerall-Wright – Executive Director



The Executive Team, including the Executive Director, Director of Finance, Director of Asset Management, Director of Housing and Director of CARES, lead a team of 48 dynamic and mission focused employees of the Casper Housing Authority and Casper Housing Authority CARES. The organization consists of an Executive Team, a Housing Programs Team, a Maintenance & Construction Team, a Family Self Sufficiency Team, an Administrative Team and a CARES Team.

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